Pax Moly Honey Moist up Foam Cleansing 180ml

Product Code:  P-2363
Category:  FACEWASH
Brand:  PAX MOLY
Concern:  No Concern
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Major Efficacy of Pax Moly Honey Moist Up Foam Cleansing

Honey moist foam cleansing infused with honey ingredient which is good to moisturize your skin. Honey is one of the purest, most natural foods. It has a lasting moisturizing effect. Full of mineral, amino acid, and various vitamins honey keep your skin healthy and moist in order to get elastic and glow full of vitality of skin even.

Soothing the Skin
It helps to soothe the skin which is suffering from bum, pimples, and freckles,

It helps to nourish the skin while maintaining a supple complexion and revitalization.

It provides deep hydration and frees the skin of impurities, gently awakening and toning, while creating a complexion that appears revitalized, brightened, and softened,

Honey Ingredients
Honey is some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances powerful antioxidant, that draws in moisture to instantly repair and replenish dry skin, it contains, vitamin complexes just Bike B1, B2 and 86


  • Brightening your skin tone
  • Deep cleaning your skin
  • Clean Pore
  • Slowly Slough off your Dead Skin Cells.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin type, Washes off easily. Soft and smooth your skin texture, Suitable also dry skin.
  • It provides you with deep hydration and frees the skin from profanity, slowly awakening and toning, and creating bright and soft skin.
  • It has long-lasting hydration without your skin dryness.
  • Lightweight foam cleanser infused with honey ingredient which is good to moisturize your skin condition.