Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Face Wash Gel 150ml

Product Code:  P-2362
Category:  FACEWASH
Brand:  PAX MOLY
Concern:  No Concern
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Price:  90 650


This face wash minimizes pores by removing dirt, excess oiliness and makeup from the skin. This simple facewash removes excess oil from the skin and helps to spot out the face. Its pro vitamin v5 smoothes the skin and its gel formula refreshes the skin. This face wash cleans the skin and increases the brightness of the skin.

Simple facewash is an alcohol free face wash with no artificial fragrances or colors and no harsh chemicals that harm the skin.

People who have acne and excess oil on the face can use it without hesitation. This face wash deeply cleans the skin, refreshes the skin and oil controls inside the skin and also controls the skin dirt.

The PH level of the face is very different from the PH level of the body, if we use a face wash with a higher PH level than the PH level of our face skin, then the skin will become very dry. So it is very important to balance the PH level for the skin. Generally low PH gel cleanser should be used for face. The PH level of this simple facewash is perfect. This face wash is very gentle and mild facewash.

Simple facial wash is dermatologist tested and approved.